FENCES and RAILINGS 1/87 HO and 1/72 Scale

Cast Iron Roof Cresting. This is a very typical roof detail of the Victorian era, perfect for dressing up station and residential rooftops. Scaled exactly to original factory catalog drawings and measurements and laser cut from .015" flexible acrylic. Will not break or bend if bumped by a careless hand.

Kit includes two styles of cresting, 14 scale inch tall and 21 scale inch tall. 120 Scale feet of each style, 240 scale feet total. The kit is complete with laserboard bases. These may be used as drill guides to drill perfectly spaced mounting holes directly into the model. Or they can be used as roof caps by gluing the cresting to the bases, and the bases to the apex of the roof.

$14.75 *FREE Postage*

Railing Stanchions .5" height, two bar, 100 stanchions per sheet. Laser cut from .015" strong, flexible acrylic. Holes set up for 28 gauge wire. Unlike typical photoetched stanchions which are too thin in this scale, the thickness gives these stanchions a superb correct scale appearance from any angle. These are also more economical. The height is correct for 1/87 scale tugboats and other civilian vessels. It is also correct for 1/72 naval craft, for example the Revell 1/72 "Schnellboot".

Note: before removing from the sheet, lightly sand the surface for better paint and glue adhesion. Insert pegs into pre-drilled holes, fix in place with CA glue.

$12.75 *FREE Postage*

Iron Fencing, 4.5' scale height. Such ornate iron railings were common in urban and country settings, around dwellings, stations, parks, schools, churches and factories. Made from very strong and flexible acrylic film, this scale railing is both durable and very intricate in appearance. Unlike railings made from thin etched brass, this material scales up to a perfectly prototypical 1.75" thick and needs no painting, just sand lightly with fine sandpaper to kill the shine. A laser cut footer is included. Fencepost legs insert into slots, ensuring the fence is perfectly straight and upright. Just over 18" (about 130 HO scale feet) total length.

$19.75. Free Postage!

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