Atlas HO Signal Tower Kit Upgrade Kit 2.0

The classic Atlas Signal Tower Kit # 704 has been a staple of model railroaders and kitbashers since 1962. A half century of near-continuious production attests to the popularity and charm of its authentic design (or “railroady flavor” as the instruction sheet calls it). The VectorCut Upgrade Kit 2.0 replaces poorly molded parts to give the Atlas plastic model a fine, scale appearance on par with the best craftsman kits of today.

Precision laser cut parts replace the clunky window frames and poorly simulated, inappropriate shake shingles. The new shingles are 3D engraved veneers that simply glue over the plastic kit roof (no tedious or crooked gluing of individual strips). Finely cut windows include pre-fit clear acetate glazing. Corner trim (missing from the Atlas clapboard walls) new doors and an assortment of alternate signs are also included. Illustrated instructions guide assembly and include finishing tips.

This kit replaces our original 2007 Atlas Upgrade set. Although the original proved to be a popular item, the new version is simpler to assemble and delivers a greater level of improvement at a lower cost. No interior details are included. Plastic Atlas kit is not included and must be purchased separately.


Country Radio Station & Radio Tower

Our subject is a small town radio station that once stood near Vicksburg, Mississippi and is typical for almost any region in the USA. Even dense urban locations had small radio stations like this one on their outskirts, broadcasting music, news and gospel day and night. During the steam era, before television became widespread, radio was a primary source of home entertainment and an important part of daily life. Even today, no town would be complete without its local broadcasting station and radio personalities.

This kit is carefully designed with unique features to simplify construction, and ensure professional, realistic results. Shingles are 3D engraved on a single piece, rafter tails are single piece assemblies (no tedious cutting and crooked gluing) and the laser has done all the intricate lattice work on the radio tower. Fine details includes brass doorknobs, crisply cut call sign letters, pre-fit trim and injection molded Tichy windows with laser cut glazing. Due to the interlocking construction, no interior bracing is required. Detailed, illustrated instructions with finishing tips will guide you through this project, step by step.

You'll be proud to display this unique model on your layout or diorama, and your busy little people will appreciate music and news brought to them by Country Radio W-E-Z-Y.

Approximate fooprint is 5" x 3". Tower is approximately 2x2x8". Car and bench are not included.



Tall Pines Depot

A realistic, small town station with victorian charm, crisp detail and compact proportions. While the design is generic, every detail is taken from actual prototypes, making this model so evocative of the steam era and appropriate for any setting. The pride small towns took in their depots is reflected in this model, with its pleasing trimwork, harmoneous paint scheme and decorative shingles. Just as the original stations were focal points of their towns, this model will be a focal point on your model railroad.

This new kit features state-of-the-art laser cut features such as ornate laser cut trim and 3D engraved shingles, for unbeatable realism and simplicity. Fine details include fitted trim, brass doorknobs, windows with pre-cut glazing and accessory detail items such as the penny scale, a bicycle and rustic bench. Precision engineered, easy to assemble kit with illustrated step by step instructions and finishing tips for an enjoyable build and results you'll be proud of.

Approximate fooprint is 6" x 3".



Gas Station

The subject of our first Limited Edition structure kit is a neighborhood filling station from the Golden Age of Ornate Gas Stations. Built in Harlingen Texas around 1925, it was in operation until the late 1980s. The distinctive Spanish Revival / Mission style, typical of small commercial storefronts of the 1920s, was often emulated by oil corportations, in towns, large and small, throughout the USA. Stiff competition between oil companies, spawned by the automotive and gas station building boom of the 1920s, led to great attention to style and corporate image in station design. Visual appeal and cleanliness were key to attracting passing motorists.

This accurate scale reproduction showing the station circa 1945-1965 will surely capture attention on your model railroad.

Approximate footprint 2.5" x 3". Kit includes laser cut parts to assemble the station, pumps and pump island. The station has stucco texture and is our first to feature unique 3D engraving, such as the shell motif over the front door and our hyper realistic brick rear wall. Also includes realistically posed Venetian blinds for the windows and pre-cut color printed signboards for the hanging Shell sign. (You will need to make your own pole to hang it from.)

Pumps are finely detailed "mini kits" and include clear acetate glazing over the printed pump faces, nozzles, hoses and of course micro printed Shell decals.

Illustrated, easy to understand instructions will guide you through every step and includes hints on painting and finishing. The kit has small parts and will require some minor seam filling. It is intended for experienced model makers only. Cars not included. Mailbox available separately.



(If ordering outside USA, please add $5 for postage.)

60' Electrical Transmission Tower.

These industrial towers support cables which transmit current from power plants to local substations, and are a typical feature of the American landscape nearly everywhere, rural and urban, since the 1930s. This is an essential detail for a believable industrial landscape.

The lattice work in this unique kit is reproduced in .0145" laserboard which is has a much finer scale appearance than injection molded plastic, and is simple to assemble. Detailed, illustrated instructions explain assembly step by step and also provide suggestions for two different ways to rig cable to your model. (Note the glass bead insulators and sewing thread cable shown in the photos is not included but is available inexpensively at any crafts store.) For experienced model makers.

The completed model has a 2" square footprint and is approximately 8.25" tall.

Price for one, or up to three, is $14 each.

If ordering 4 or more price is $12 each.

A victorian jewel in HO: the Old Station at Weston, MA. Amazing Multi Media laser cut kit. This classic small town depot is especially attractive for its compact proportions and detail. From the signal mast to the hip roof, freight dock and station master's bay window, it has all the best features of an American RR station in a small package.

The kit design is optimized for producing as accurate and detailed a model as practical in this scale. For example, the battens are engraved into the walls so that they are scale thickness and correctly spaced as per the prototype. This would have been impossible using commercial milled basswood. This kit will challenge your skills more than the average kit but careful building will reward you with a competition grade miniature right out of the box. One of the finest craftsman kits on the market.

7.25" x 4.5" footprint.


An HO scale national landmark: St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Port Gamble WA. This is an upgrade set for the plastic Atlas "19th Century Church" kit, with super fine window sashes, glazing and trim.

Price $25

COMING LATER! HO Mining Town Newspaper Office. Price TBA

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