HO Scale Billboards-- Various Years.

The ubiquitous and colorful billboard was as much a part of the 20th century American landscape as red barns, diners, tenements and white picket fences. For the first time, this important but underrated detail has been accurately recreated as a 1/87 scale model kit. The version depicted by this model was the industry standard, in use from about 1925-1960, in towns large and small, from coast to coast. Original factory drawings were used to design the parts, making this the most accurate billboard kit on the market today.

Because the prototypes used graphics of a particular style in a standardized format, and because VectorCut is dedicated to accuracy, original billboard images were painstakingly researched and miniaturized for exclusive use in these kits. The period authenticity captured by these models will set a specific time frame for your scenery, while adding color, visual appeal and realism!

Each kit contains ONE full billboard, with a choice of TWO posters. Also included are optional parts which allow billboards to be displayed side-by-side, with a short section of lattice between them, as per prototype. Instructions are fully illustrated with step-by-step directions. The kit features a detailed front and back. It is approximately 3.25" x 2" with a 1" x 3.25" footprint.

*Posters may be periodically retired and replaced with new posters, so don't wait if you have a particular interest.*

*FREE Postage*

1: One Billboard with Posters for Heinz (1935) and The National Association of Manufacturers (1937).


2: One Billboard with Posters for A & P Bread (1936) and Sinclair Oil (1936).


3: One Billboard with Posters for Chesterfield Cigarettes and Schaefer Beer (late 40s early 50s, exact dates unknown).


4: One Billboard with Posters for Chrysler (1951) and Atlas (1951)


5: One Billboard with Posters for Ford (1951) and Delco (1951)


6: One Billboard with Posters for General (1953) and Ford (1953)


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