Screen Doors O scale. Includes SIX realistic screen doors in three styles. Also includes realistic superfine mesh material to make the screens. Summer foliage on your model means summer weather, and that means your little people need screen doors! Even full-size people will appreciate your attention to these essential warm weather details. Three styles of screen door will fit any application, from plain to fancy. Doors have engraved surface details, and handles.

Doors are precisely fitted to the Grandt Line # 3601, 3602 and 3629 Door sets. Many other applications are possibe. (Screen door outside dimensions are 1.83" x .070" and 1.60" x .63")

No instructions are included with this simple kit. To assemble, simply white glue the screen to the back of the door, then trim around with a sharp razor when dry. Insert handle into holes.

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1/48 scale classic American weathervanes, set of three. These are meticulously scaled from traditional designs and are a simple way to add a lot of prototypical charm to town, village and rural structures. These parts are cut from red .007" plastic film which gives you fine detail, flexibility and ease of assembly. A gentle bump will not bend or break this fine rooftop detail. To assemble, just bend the arms 90 degrees to the horizontal center, then insert the vane's shaft through the hole. Painting is as simple as coloring it with a blue, black or green sharpie for a gloss black finish. Or, to show weathered copper, spraypaint dark green, then drybrush light green and brown as shown here. No special glues or paints required. No instructions are included with this simple kit. Wingspan of arm from one compass point to the opposite point is about .75". Penny in photo is size reference.


1/48 Horse Shoes and Hinges, generous assortment of about 60 pieces. Includes a variety of 30 crisply detailed horse shoes, correctly scaled for an O scale horse, including nail hole detail. A selection of four common types of door hinges. All parts are cut and relief-engraved in fine .01" laserboard. Brown color and fine texture require no painting to simulate weathered iron. Perfect for adding realistic detail to your farm scenes, RR repair shop doors, model barns, blacksmith's shop, etc. Super fine, easy detail!

Photo shows magnified view. Parts sheet is about 2.25" x 1.6". Triangular hinges are about .25" in length. Long heart point hinges, about .59" end to end. L shaped hinge sets about .25" x .25". Rectangular hinges about .14" x .1".

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1/48 Scale 1920s-30s Vintage Radios Micro Kit. Set of three radios to assemble. Two ornate tabletop models and a portable, classic designs scaled from actual antique radios. These little gems will add superb vintage detail to a porch, repair shop, kitchen, bar, barbershop, radio or pawn store window, or anywhere where your little people congregate. Includes detailed easy to follow illustrated assembly and painting instructions. This laserboard and wood model kit has very small parts and is intended for experienced model makers only.

$8.75 Free Postage!

Padlocks. Assortment of 25 vintage and modern formats, in two sizes, will work with 1/48 and 1/35 scale models. Also includes 8 antique skeleton keys. Laser cut and relief engraved in .0145" Laserboard. No assembly required.

$5.25 Free Postage!

"Window Cats." Set of 7 black cat silhouettes for eye catching night detail in structure model windows. Each cat is laser cut in fine detail and has a tab under its feet to glue behind a window. In normal room lighting conditions, it will be invisible. In the dark with interior lighting, your cat will appear framed in the window and give the impression of life inside the building. A fun, inexpensive and easy to use detail.

(Note, first demo photo shows HO scale version, this item is properly sized for O).

$6.95 Free Postage!

Manhole Cover and Sewer Grating Set, in O SCALE. 2 each of 3 different style manhole covers, and three gratings. Covers measure .84" diameter to .76", gratings are .92". Quarter in photo is size reference. Laser cut and relief engraved now in .0215" brown Laserboard.

$8.75 Free Postage!

Manhole Cover and Sewer Grating Set, in 1/24 SCALE for model car street displays and dioramas. 2 each of 3 different style manhole covers, and two gratings. Cut in .0215" Laserboard resin cardstock. Covers measure 1.1" diameter to 1.25", gratings are 1.35". Quarter in photo is size reference.

$13.25 Free Postage!

Steam Age Industrial Gears and Handwheels. A generous assortment of over 70 pieces, beautifully rendered and precision cut in many sizes and styles. Laser cut and relief-engraved in .0145" laserboard, they faithfully replicate typical valve handwheels, ornate cast iron gears of the Victorian era, and more. Perfect for adding details to any number of industrial, engine, structure and scenic applications up to the 1970s. These eye-catching pieces will go a long way in enhancing roundhouses, repair shops, scrap heaps, industrial sites, alley ways etc. Scratchbuilders will surely find a set useful to keep on hand. Note there are two sizes available, see the HO accessory section for smaller handwheels. Large size, gears range from .13" to .55". Sheet measures 3.5" x 3" approximately.

$13.75 Free Postage!

Hand Tools, for ultra high resolution detail. Over 90 pieces depicting several types of common garage and shop tools. Give your miniature mechanics something more than the usual spare tire and oil barrel castings to get the job done. No repair shop or repair scene can be complete without hand tools!

These amazing details are available in small and large formats, both sizes are appropriate for 1/48 "O" scale. Large size will also match up perfectly with 1/35 scale military models. Figures in photo show sizes relative to different scales.

Laser cut and relief engraved in .0145" Laserboard. Small size sheet measures about 1.25" x 1.5", large size measures about 1.9" x 2.25"

$8.75 Free Postage!


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O Scale Gaskets, Fan Belts and Fans. A generous assortment of parts to add life and astonishing detail to your garage or gas station. Hang some new gaskets and belts on nails and pegs as spares, toss some dirty used ones in the scrap pile too, because a hard working shop will go through a lot of these in a busy week! Suitable for any era. These micro detailed parts are cut in .01" polyester-reenforced cardstock.

$7.75 Free Postage!

Gaskets and Fans, in 1/35 Scale. As above, but larger scale and not including fan belts.

$8.50 Free Postage!

Builder's Anno Plates. Such plates were made from cast iron, cement or stone and memorialized the date a structure, bridge or tunnel was completed. This classic feature of tunnel portals and railroad bridges is often missing from miniatures, but can be easily added, even to a completed model. Historically authentic designs. Painted to resemble cast iron or stone, they will be attractive details and interesting focal points.

Listed here is the "large" size approximately .7" to .5" wide. A smaller size set is available in our HO section.

$8.50 Free Postage!

Generic Nuts Bolts and Washers Sets. Durable lazerboard material is easy to cut and has superior glue adhesion compared to brass. Available several sizes as follows. Thickness is .35mm / .014" Photo with US Dime is size reference, price is for one complete card. Generous quantity per sheet.

2mm Set

$7.50 Free Postage!

1mm and 1.5mm Set

$6 Free Postage!

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